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Spanaway Fitness Center
Established in 2002, Spanaway Fitness Center is a place where people come to lose weight, have a good time, and build muscle. From the moment our customers walk in the door, they are greeted by a warm atmosphere, subtle music, and a friendly & courteous staff. We dedicate ourselves to providing the highest quality of care and service to our Fitness Family. Promoting a nutritious and healthier lifestyle. Maintaining a home style atmosphere that is friendly and inviting that will be rewarding for both members and staff.

"Love this gym, low prices, no hassle, just come in, work out and leave, great equipment and the staff are all cool as hell, even the trainers are cool, love this gym."    - Otis Webster

Here are some of the great things Spanaway Fitness for you, it's members:

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"Can't say anything negative. Now open 24hrs, vast variety of equipment from cables to weights, never packed, and is run by excellent staff... Strongly recommend this gym to anyone who wants an affordable, top of the line experience"
- Mike Weerth
"Love the environment of this gym. Nothing super fancy but you feel welcomed when you come in. Plus they make the best protein shakes!! Butterfinger is where it's at!"

- Laura Hansen
"Love this gym and the environment. All of my personal training clients and friends love this place! Home away from home! Now with 24 hour access and net installed saunas, thus gym literally has all of the amenities you need! Music is great, members are friendly and the atmosphere is def enjoyable! Don't take my word for it! Come check it out yourself." 
 - William Kitchen
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